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“The numbers looked great from day one. Millo did a great job on this. Freshbooks actually saw trials and a customer on the first day which is really unheard of."
Justine Grey
Thank you for this partnership, the alignment, care and passion for the space is felt; and we appreciate you building such a great community."
Darryl Kelly


Website & Blog Sponsorships

Relevant, value-focused link to your content or product included in our editorial content. Restrictions apply.

Inclusion of your site, product, or tool on our high-ranking list posts reaching thousands of searchers each month.

Your sponsored article published on our blog (DR74) and included in our newsletter to 57,000+ subscribers.

Add $297 for our team to write the article.

Large banner (300×250) in the sidebar of all blog pages.

Logo, text, and link on our popular “top tools” page. Price for 1 month of placement.

Sponsored “sidenote” text and link within the content of each blog post for 1 month.

Email Sponsorships

Large image (300×200) plus text and a link to your product or service included in our weekly newsletter to 57,000+ freelancers.

Completely dedicated email send with custom content to 57,000+ email subscribers.

Add $297 if you need our team to write the content.

A dedicated follow-up based on user activity of your choice. ie: didn’t open, didn’t click, etc.

An additional “PS” message located directly after the team signature. Includes text and a link. Price for one newsletter.

Social Media Sponsorships

Brand or product mentions across Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook reaching 50,000+ followers. (Excludes Facebook Group. See below.)

Your brand or product featured in our highly active Facebook group of 10,000+ members.

Your brand or product featured in our Linkedin Group of 1,300+ members.

Podcast Sponsorships

:60 host-read advertisement directly after the show intro and before the primary content.

:60 host-read advertisement during the primary content.

Host mentions your brand along with a URL (clickable link included in show description) directly after the show introduction and BEFORE ads roll.

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